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192,495 Tourists Visited Polynesia In 2016

The ISPF has just published its tourism scoreboard for the year 2016. It emerges that 2016 has seen a 4.7% increase in tourist frequencies compared to 2015.
In 2016, French Polynesia welcomed 192,495 tourists, an increase of 4.7% over the previous year. This increase mainly benefits land-based commercial lodging. It is fueled by all markets, with the exception of the European market (excluding France), which remains stable.
Overnight stays grew by 1.5% with the increase in the number of overnight stays. The average length of stay of tourists hosted in commercial land structures decreased by 2.8% and shortened the average overall stay to 13.8 days.
The number of rooms rented in international hotels increased by 4.7%. International air traffic increased by 4.2% and the aircraft filling rate increased by 1.6 points in one year.
(Source: Tahiti News 06 April 2017)

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