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More Than 350 Million Fcfp Of Subsidies For "Small Hotels" Since 1996 In Tahiti

The Consultative Commission on the Development Assistance Facility for Homestay Accommodation Establishments met on Thursday to examine four requests for assistance.

More specifically, these were two creative files on the island of Tahiti, an extension file on the island of Hiva Oa, and a creative file on the island of Tubuai.

In accordance with the Order of the Council of Ministers of 23 August 2011 as amended, this advisory committee is responsible for examining and giving prior opinions on aid applications under the Development Assistance Fund managed by the tourism.

It is composed of the Minister for Tourism or his representative, as chairman of the commission, the head of the tourism department or his representative, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Trades or Its representative and two representatives of the professional organizations of private accommodation, small family hostelry and furnished accommodation, or their substitutes.

Since 1996, 157 residential accommodation establishments have been assisted for a total amount of 352 112 698 Fcfp.

(Source: Tahiti News Tourism – Tahiti Governments Press Release 21 April 2017)

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