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5 Reasons to Discover South Pacific Aboard a Superyacht

The South Pacific is becoming increasingly popular with discerning travellers wanting to discover new and remote destination, offering both tranquility and adventure. There are many ways of discovering this breath-taking area and one of them is by chartering a beautiful luxury yacht. If you have never embarked on this exciting journey of pure luxury and indulgence here are a few reasons to jump on board.
Made-to-measure South Pacific
Be it a one-week long holiday or a vacation over an extended period of time, your charter itinerary will be created based on your desires, needs and budget. Whether its the Cook Islands, Fiji or Samoa or any other destination of the South Pacific you want to explore, your time aboard, as well as ashore, will be organised by a highly experienced broker together with your yacht’s Captain.
When it comes to luxury yachts available for rental in the South Pacific, you can choose from smaller luxury catamarans, fast sporty motor yachts, beautiful sailing yachts through to the ultra-luxurious mega yachts and expedition vessels. Depending on your budget and requirements, your boat may include such luxuries as the ever-so-popular Jacuzzi, a range of water toys, the latest in entertainment systems, a private gymnasium, or even a health spa and a helicopter landing pad.
Galactica Star
Flexibility and Freedom
Imagine waking up surrounded by crystal clear waters and spectacular nature while a freshly prepared fruit juice awaits you to help you kick-start a day full of carefree adventures and unlimited water-fun. This liberating feeling will accompany you throughout your entire holiday, free of unwanted crowds and fellow tourist. Superyachts are equipped with a wide selection of luxury water toys at your disposal, to use whenever you desire or you can simply relax in a private Jacuzzi, or sunbathe on board enjoying the views of a nearby island. It is completely up to you whether you want to visit the local villages and learn  more about the colourful culture of the locals or go scuba diving, discovering South Pacific’s underwater paradise.
Top Amenities & Finest of Details
Luxury yachts are constructed to perfection. Each and every detail aboard these vessels has been created with comfort and indulgence in mind. Yacht designers and builders create these boats with fine attention to detail and highest quality of craftsmanship possible. Members of the crew prepare and organise everything you desire before your actual arrival, so when you step aboard your only ‘job’ is to sit back and enjoy your time in the South Pacific. The spacious on board staterooms are beautifully styled and decorated, offering the latest in design and facilities. Each cabin is equipped with its own en suite bathroom with the finest in linen and furnishings.
Your Own South Pacific Paradise
Privacy is highly treasured these days, and often very hard to find. Chartering a yacht to cruise the South Pacific Islands will help you to detach from the crowds and fully savour your precious time with family and friends. You can take time to enjoy a lovely al fresco dinner with sumptuous dishes prepared by your personal Chef or you can choose to visit one of the local fine-dining restaurats. Take in the tranquility of your surroundings anchored away from the coastline, perhaps hidden behind a small abandoned island or just overlooking the shimmering lights of the nearby port.
Professional Service & a Personal Chef
Throughout your entire vacation a highly skilled and professional superyacht crew will look after you, ensuring that you have an unforgettable South Pacific experience and your holiday is truly something that you will never forget. Crew quarters on large super yachts are completely separated from guest areas, allowing for even more privacy without any compromise on the five-star service.
All your desires, needs and wishes will be met, creating the best holiday you could ever imagine. Everything revolves around offering the best service and organising activities that are most suited to your personality and mood. You might want to relax aboard the entire time or you might want to embark on an activity-filled adventure of your lifetime getting to know South Pacific’s amazing cultural heritage, awe-inspiring nature and warm welcoming locals.
Article created by CharterWorld – Luxury Yacht Charters.

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