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Caledonian Dream: 6 winners, 6 nationalities, 800 km of route in New Caledonia

Until 31 July, Australians, Chinese, French, Italians, Japanese and New Zealanders can apply to win an incredible 9-day New Caledonia road trip. As the final part of the NCTPS multi-market campaign, each step of this group adventure, with influencers or world-wide, high-profile personalities, can be followed on and social networks.

See you first in August to find out the 6 winners and then on 1st October for the big day – the start!

In keeping with its multi-market campaign and its slogan “ Passez du rêve à la réalité ” (From Dream to Reality), New Caledonia Tourism (NCTPS), in partnership with Aircalin and the assistance of local tourism service providers, will give 6 travellers from the 6 key markets an opportunity to win an all-inclusive trip to New Caledonia, but with an original twist. It will be an amazing road trip, where candidates experience cultural differences not only within the
destination but also amongst themselves, just to spice things up a bit!

To participate, Australians, Chinese, French, Italians, Japanese and New Zealanders over 18 years of age, can go online until 31 July to apply at The 6 NCTPS international representatives will then each interview three candidates who have the best profiles, to become the perfect destination experts, by way of their personality, talent, motivation and social media skills. The names of the six lucky winners to represent their country in this adventure, will be announced in August.

The adventure will begin for real on 1st October through to the 9th, featuring a long and extraordinary trip, every day filled with surprise activities on land, water or in the air. To add to the suspense, the candidates will only find out their itinerary as they progress along the route.



• Nouméa

Between the gentle rhythm of South Pacific life and its urban scene, make yourself at home in one of the capital’s delightful hotels, then relax or enjoy water sports and the lively night life.

• The Great South

Head off for adventure to the southern tip of the mainland, with its untouched open spaces, prehistoric flora, arid red earth dotted with lakes and rivers, perfect for every type of outdoor activity.

• Isle of Pines

Slip into the picture-perfect beauty of one of the jewels of the Pacific and sail in a traditional pirogue across the turquoise waters of legendary Upi Bay…

• Sarraméa, Moindou…

Make a stop on the edge of the Central Mountain Range in a huge tropical fern forest, before plunging back into the
tumultuous history and heritage of the colonial period.

• Bourail

Discover the “Bush” through the stockmen working the wide-open plains of the West Coast, for an immersive Cowboy
experience, while also admiring the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage-listed lagoon.

• Ouvéa

Walk along the immense white sandy beach and contemplate the crystalline lagoon waters of this archipelago, known as the “closest island to paradise” and home to a host of Kanak tribes.

Throughout the adventure, a video team and a community manager will follow the candidates, to share their experiences on social networks, the NCTPS blog and its website. The aim is for internet users to experience and discover the country vicariously, through daily videos, photos and contestant’s stories; a chance to relive the day’s itinerary, the unforgettable sites and to laugh at the day’s anecdotes. Finally, when back in their own countries,  these six travellers will become ambassadors for New Caledonia as they share their stories with the overseas media.

For NCTPS, “ Caledonian dream ” aims to promote the destination and tourism in a truly original, immersive and
authentic way!

New Caledonia Tourism, an overview:

New Caledonia Tourism (NCTPS) is an Economic Interest Group (GIE) and is the link between its institutional partners
and the tourism sector professionals, ensuring tourism is promoted from:
– New Caledonia to the international market, under the brand of “New Caledonia, Pacific Heart”
– the South Province to the local market under the brand of “Destination South Province”

Founded in 2001, it is financed by the South Province and also by its local industry professional members. It is based in Nouméa, with representation in Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Auckland and Rome.

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