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Calling Avid Surfers: Here’s An Ocean Waiting To Be Enjoyed

Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) Australia has launched a website for the launched the Kiribati Surfing Association.
Launching the website in March, Caleb Jarvis, PTI Trade and Investment Commissioner, an avid surfer himself, said the Kiribati Surfing Association plays an important role in the community, by educating and promoting surfing as a healthy and competitive sport for i-Kiribati.
“In Kiribati there is very little room for sporting fields and facilities. The Kiribati Surfing Association saw the potential for surfing to open up the whole ocean to i-Kiribati kids, grown-ups and tourists, especially on the outer islands where there’re limited funds to build and maintain facilities like tennis and basketball courts. The waves on the other hand are just on their door step, rolling in most days, waiting to be ridden,” Mr Jarvis said.
In partnership with Scope Global, PTI Australia provided an impact grant to Jack O’Shea, a volunteer under the Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) programme, an Australian government initiative. The funds have been used to design and build a new website for the Kiribati Surfing Association. The website aims to raise awareness of the surfing association internationally and position Kiribati as a surfing destination.
The Kiribati Surfing Association advocates for the sustainable use of coastal and marine environments to ensure that the natural resources of Kiribati are maintained for future generations. Through surfing, a greater understanding of the importance of healthy marine ecosystems can be developed.
The Association hopes that the new website will increase the numbers of local and international surfers in Kiribati and encourage the local community to take a more active role in coastal management and stewardship.
For more information please email PTI Australia General Manager Investment & Tourism Chad Morris, at
(Source: Pacific Periscope [Pacific Trade Invest [PTI] Newsletter 04 April 2017)

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