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Vaccine roll-out bodes well for travel-ready preparations

The community roll-out of Samoa’s Covid-19 vaccination drive got underway earlier this week. Faamatuainu Lenatai Suifua, Samoa Tourism Authority CEO said that ‘the roll-out to the community is a welcome development especially as efforts at the industry-level are well underway to ensure Samoa is in a position to welcome and host visitors when borders eventually ... read more

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Launch of New Caledonia Tourism (NCT)’s Caledonian Dream Season 2

31 March 2021: Today marks the launch of New Caledonia Tourism (NCT)’s Caledonian Dream Season 2. Designed to inspire and help Australians plan their first overseas trip, once International restrictions are lifted, the Caledonian Dream series follows on from a successful season 1, released in 2018. “We’ve all been stuck at home lately, but this ... read more

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Fiji explores quarantine free regional travel

Fiji is meeting with regional countries to explore potential quarantine-free travel. Minister for Tourism Faiyaz Koya said hey have had some discussion with New Caledonia and Tuvalu on this possibility. “We have had an introductory meeting with New Caledonia and Tuvalu’s health officials to try and explore some quarantine-free travel and of course there are a number ... read more

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Samoa Tourism Authority upholds Samoa’s presence through Social Media

The Samoa Tourism Authority has embarked on a revitalised Social Media Growth Plan to drive engagement and grow its follower-base. The two-pronged plan will see additional support and investment in the areas of sponsored posts and content strategy. With ongoing travel restrictions and the opportunity to experience Samoa virtually, social media more than ever has ... read more

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Google Optimisation Programme to improve Destination Content andInformation for Users

The Google Destination Optimisation Programme which is being rolled out will improve the quality of destination content and information for visitors (and locals), expand the online reach of tourism businesses and enhance the overall presentation of the destination across the largest platform on the web (Google). The Programme will conduct a detailed analysis of the ... read more

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