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Investment in the promotion and protection of Pacific culture remains a priority for the Pacific Community

One of the most prominent outcomes from the 48th meeting of the Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations (CRGA) was the affirmation of the Pacific Community’s (SPC) role in the protection and promotion of our region’s cultures. At first glance, anyone unfamiliar with SPC’s history might wonder why an organisation focused on science and technology ... read more

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Vanuatu handicraft sector plan launched

In Vanuatu, a four-year Handicraft Sector Action Plan has been launched by the Department of Tourism Development. The Action Plan focuses on the increasing ‘made in Vanuatu ‘products to meet the demanding tourism market. It’s to be run in partnership with the Australian aid-funded Vanuatu Skills Partnership Programme, and the government of New Zealand, through ... read more

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SPTO Advocates for the ‘Culturalisation of Commerce’.

The South Pacific Tourism Organisation attended the 4th Meeting of Pacific Ministers for Culture in Nadi and was represented by SPTO CEO, Chris Cocker who emphasized in his presentation the importance of ‘culturalisation of commerce’ as opposed to the ‘commercialisation of culture’. “The ‘culturalisation of commerce’ is what we need to be emphasizing in our ... read more

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