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Diving in Niue

With water clarity ranked amongst the very best in the world, Niue offers an unrivalled dive experience, with visibility that can reach up to 100 metres. Diving in Niue is easy yet rewarding with an interesting mix of diving in caverns, caves, coral walls and drop-offs to explore. For frequent underwater visitors or those just starting out Niue offers an unforgettable dive experience.

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Diving in New Caledonia

From beginner divers to excursions for experts, New Caledonia boasts diving spots that are each more magical than the next. Under the water’s surface, coral pinnacles shelter multicolored fauna that is often accessible even without wearing a tank. With barriers, passes and slopes, and the right equipment, divers can meet face-to-face with the big ocean-dwellers. Flippers, mask and a snorkel – No need to dive for a long time to enjoy the splendors under the surface. With only a mask, flippers and a snorkel, a swimmer can also meet up with butterfly fish, triggerfish, parrotfish and clownfish, plus many more. The underwater path at Ilot Canard (Duck Island), the depths off the coast of the Amédée Island , the lagoon of Poé, the waters off Hienghène or the Loyalty Islands, or wherever you are, you can snorkel and be amazed.

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TEKURA TAHITI TRAVEL inbound travel agency has been providing professional tourism service and expertise to French Polynesia since 1994. We are Polynesians, and we have built personal relationships with the people in tourism upon whom we rely on.

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Skydiving in Fiji

Fiji’s two skydive companies, Skydive Fiji or Free Fall Fiji are both based in Nadi. Leap from a dizzying 14,000ft over Nadi or the Mananuca Islands for breathtakingly beautiful bird’s-eye views of the island and reef mosaics. The companies also offer video/photo packages which help capture the most brag-worthy freefall moments.

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Scuba Diving in Fiji

Dubbed, the ‘Soft Coral Capital’, Fiji’s colorful carpets of coral are a photographer’s and divers dream. Great dives sites are particularly plentiful in the Somosomo Strait, Bligh Waters, Koro Sea and the Astrolobe Reef. Most resorts contract dive shops to offer visitors both PADI or SSI certification up to specialist level. For the dive fanatic, multi-day dive adventures on liveaboard charters like ‘Nai’a’ and the ‘Fiji Siren’ enable them to reach some stunning remote dive sites.

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