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Encompassing every aspect of natural beauty, the Royal Sunset Resort, 'Atata Island is an untouched tropical paradise only 20 minutes by boat ride from mainland.

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All kinds of tour arrangements of South Pacific countries especially Papua New Guinea with our two branch offices.

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Fishing in Tuvalu

Our old generation depends highly on fishing as a way of supporting their families in the olden days. They used to go out fishing twice a day, early morning and in the evening or during night time. When they return from fishing, they prepared their fish and bring to the market for selling, or they have to sit beside the road so people can see and come to buy their fish. Some families will share their fish with their neighbors, it is a common way in Tuvalu where you have to share some things you get with your sisters and brothers who lives near your home. As in nowadays, less families will have their own boat or canoe which they can out fishing, many of the families will buy fish from other families or from the market.

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Fishing in Tonga

Tonga has a reputation as a hot game fishing destination – a paradise all-year round. Troll Vava’u’s crystal clear waters for Blue, Black or Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi-mahi, Big Yellow Fin Tuna and Wahoo. Cast jigs or poppers for predators like Blue Fin and Giant Trevally. Virtually all species of tropical fish frequent Tongan waters, and with its vast areas of reef structure, drop offs, canyons and seamounts, as well as several offshore F.A.D’s, every angler can experience a smorgasbord of tropical fishing.

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Dolphins and Whales, Fishing and Water Sports in Timor Leste

Viewing dolphins and whales in the wild is exhilarating and Timor-Leste is a top location for this. While dolphins and especially the smaller whales, such as short-finned pilot and melon-headed, can be seen year round, from October to December the Wetar Strait separating Dili and Atauro becomes a major migratory route (a marine super highway) between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. During this time different species of whales – including the blue, beaked, humpback, sperm, killer, short-finned pilot and melon-headed, along with very large pods of dolphins – can be viewed from cruise boats and the shoreline. Marine scientists refer to Timor-Leste as a global hotspot for whales and dolphins due to their abundance, diversity and sheer density of numbers. Some of the diving operators run dolphin & whale watching cruises on a charter basis during the migration season.

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