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Fishing in Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands has good fishing conditions all year around for anglers of all experience. Many parts of the Solomons still remain undiscovered by major tourism activities, this has left the natural state at its charm. Fishing opportunities have in turn been available in a lot of opportunities. The waters surrounding the Solomons are teeming with fish. Weather conditions throughout the year are also favourable and with 990 coral fringed islands and atolls, options for fishing here is endless. From fishing in the river to reef, blue water and deep-sea.

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Fishing in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea’s fishing grounds have always been protected by the ever-changing tropical climate, keeping its secret from intruding anglers. It is only recently that fishing enthusiasts have discovered that Papua New Guinea is teeming with isolated fishing grounds and untouched rivers, offering the some of the best lure in the world. In dense jungle rivers, our world renowned champ, the mighty ‘lure shy’ Papua New Guinea Black Bass, will challenge any intruding angler who attempts to toss their trespassing lures in its habitat.

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Sportsfishing in Palau

Palau has an abundance of the most spectacular sportsfishing opportunities. One can troll for game fish such as mammoth 400-pounds blue marlin, sailfish, giant trevally, wahoo and tuna. As a matter of fact, sport-fishing is so popular in the islands that there are serious fishing derby competitions that are open to anyone. Generous cash prizes are awarded for the biggest catches in several categories including tuna, barracuda, wahoo and marlin, to name a few. Most recently, catch and release sports fishing has become a popular activity and is offered by tour companies.

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Fishing in Niue

Fishing in Niue is legendary with very deep water accessed almost immediately from launching, so visitors can spend their time fishing, not travelling. Black, blue and striped Marlin; Skipjack and Yellowfin Tuna; Red Bass, Mahimahi, Sailfish, Wahoo and Giant Trevally, amongst many others, are commonly encountered.

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Fishing in New Caledonia

Fly-fishing, sea fishing, crab fishing, net casting, underwater fishing – in New Caledonia, fishing is simultaneously a leisure activity, a means of subsistence and a part of the local heritage. With either ancestral or modern techniques, fishing is a part of the DNA of the South Pacific archipelago. Fly-fishing to get back to nature – ranked in the top 5 sites in the world for fly-fishing, New Caledonia is a paradise for those who love this sport. In harmony with nature and its rhythm, fishermen are invited in the North part of the Lagoon during low tide, and if they are patient and humble, they can try to capture big catches in this idyllic setting.

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