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Vava II Visits Majuro

The superyacht Vava II arrived in Majuro this week. She is owned by billionaires Ernesto and Kirsty Bertarelli, who are a fascinating couple partly because of his love of high-end competition sailing and her ongoing passion for writing songs and performing. Ernesto was born in Italy and is now a Swiss entrepreneur active in the ... read more

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Informing Action: Pacific Nations Unite On The Environment

The people of the Pacific islands may be among the smallest contributors to climate change, but they are on the frontline of its impacts. With rising sea levels and increasing extreme weather events, daily reality in the Pacific leaves little room for climate scepticism. Already, environmental impacts are irrevocably changing life in these island states ... read more

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Christmas In The City Of Majuro

If it has wheels, it’s in the Majuro Christmas parade: cars, boats, motorcycles, trailers, even Kirt Pinho’s mini scooter was in the line up Saturday that brought miles of smiles to all kids in Majuro. And by miles of smiles, we mean happy kids from Rita to Laura. According to counts by V7AB, 34 floats ... read more

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