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All kinds of tour arrangements of South Pacific countries especially Papua New Guinea with our two branch offices.

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Kitesurfing/Surfing in Tonga

Don’t expect to come to Tonga and take it easy, all day, every day. The Kingdom’s True South Pacific vibe and languid tropical climate certainly promotes an unhurried approach to life, but more adventurous holiday activities are also on offer, in the emerging adventure travel hub of the Vava’u group and the beautiful Ha’apai group of islands. Explore both island groups sheltered waters and scattered, untouched islands on a self-drive jet kayak, skimming across cobalt waters and coral reefs at an invigorating 30 km per hour. Harness the Kingdom’s dependable trade winds to kiteboard amid sheltered and uncrowded lagoons and atolls, getting a unique perspective on Tonga’s pristine landscapes.

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Surfing in Solomon Islands

An emerging activity in the Solomon’s, however is growing significantly. One of the world’s last surfing frontiers, be one of the first to surf these breaks. Uncrowded surf spots, ready to be enjoyed located in a pristine natural and cultural environment. Best season for waves are usually from November – April when the North Pacific awakens. Ground swells last a longer period in areas of Malaita, Ysabel and Makira. Swells can be 3 to 6 feet but can be bigger.

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Surfing in Papua New Guinea

As a surfing destination, Papua New Guinea is relatively new to surf enthusiasts, but the breaks are quickly becoming known for providing a great challenge that will keep surfers entertained for days! PNG has unlimited surfing potential year-round. On the southern side, 10 minutes out of Port Moresby is Sero Board Riders Club (Taurama Point) where the main barrier reef stretches along the southern seaboard all the way to the Milne Bay Province.

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Board Sports in New Caledonia

For those who love board sports, whatever you do, do not miss the Caledonian lagoon! With perfectly smooth water, almost constant breezes, waves for a technical challenge, in Nouméa or off short from the bush communities, windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and bodyboarding are perfect to do all throughout the year! Sails to the horizon – as soon as the slightest sustained breeze picks up, there’s something like a rush to the beach and the water. Sails fill and set out to sea immediately. The water surface off Nouméa is ideal for daily practice, and is also friendly as windsurfers share their passion for sailing and for the ocean. And for novices who want to get in on the adventure, there’s no shortage of schools along the bays of the capital, but also outside the metropolitan area.

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