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Development Assistance Facility for Homestay Accommodation Establishments In Tahiti

The Advisory Committee on the Development Assistance Facility for Homestay Accommodation Establishments met on Monday afternoon to examine the requests for assistance submitted by the Tourism Department .
The Commission, which is chaired by the Minister of Tourism, Nicole Bouteau, is responsible for examining and advising on requests for assistance under the development fund managed by the tourism department. It is composed of the head of the department Tourism, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Trades and two representatives of professional organizations of homestay, small hotel and catering.
The financial assistance provided by the tourism service is limited to 5 000 000 Fcfp for a creative program, 3 500 000 Fcfp for a renovation or extension program and 2 500 000 Fcfp for the other programs.
During the commission of Monday, two files of creation on the island of Tahiti and on Tubuai as well as a file of renovation on Huahine were examined. The total investment envisaged amounts to 41 000 000 Fcfp of which 21 549 000 Fcfp are eligible for the aid scheme.
These projects respond, on the one hand, to the Government’s willingness to help the development of small family-run hotels, particularly in the archipelagos, and on the other hand, to support the improvement of the quality of the receptive Category of residential accommodation, in line with the tourism development strategy 2015-2020.
(Source: Tahiti News Tourism News 15 August 2017)

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