Key Objective

The primary goals of the Pacific Tourism Research Cooperation Framework are to:

  • Build Partnerships: Connect key players in tourism research and statistics to foster collaboration.
  • Promote Inclusivity and Ownership: Develop a collaborative approach that ensures all stakeholders have a sense of ownership.
  • Operationalize Resilience: Place resilience at the center of the framework, empowering stakeholders to address challenges effectively.
  • Address Gaps: Recognize common objectives and mandates to fill current gaps in tourism research.
  • Boost Cooperation: Facilitate easier research, data collection, and dissemination processes.
  • Optimize Resources: Ensure the effective use of opportunities and resources.
  • Information Exchange: Improve the accessibility of tourism statistics through better information sharing.
  • Guideline Provision: Offer a clear roadmap for partners and researchers to advance their tourism research initiatives.