Key Objectives

  • Support Evidence-Based Planning and Decision Making: The PTDI aims to provide comprehensive tourism data to aid in informed planning and decision-making processes.
  • Produce Core Data Reports:
    • Bi-Annual International Visitor Survey (IVS): Monitor visitor satisfaction, expenditure, and perceptions of travel experiences for each of the 10 Pacific Island nations.
    • Annual Business Confidence Index (BCI): Measure tourism performance from the business perspective through industry surveys.
    • Annual Community Attitude Survey (CAS): Gain insights on community awareness and attitudes towards tourism.
  • Maintain and Expand Tourism Database: Ensure the continuous availability and expansion of a valuable tourism statistics database for stakeholders in the Pacific region and beyond.
  • Align with SPTO’s Pacific Tourism Statistics Strategy (PTSS): Contribute to SPTO’s vision of an empowered Pacific benefiting from sustainable tourism informed by high-quality tourism statistics.
  • Enhance Research Capabilities: Build the research and data analysis skills of National Tourism Organizations (NTOs) in the 10 PTDI member countries to improve their decision-making capabilities and policy advice.
  • Promote Sustainable Tourism Development: Utilize data-driven insights to develop effective tourism policies and strategies that promote sustainable tourism growth in the Pacific region.