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Pacific BedBank

Pacific BedBank provides support to the Tourism Industry through our technological solutions and products that include the main Pacific BedBank, iBookPacific, Pacific Channel Manager & more.

Agents & Wholesalers – Pacific BedBank has over 13,000 agents and wholesalers globally that use our products.

Hotels, Resorts & Tour Operators – A testament to BedBank’s solutions to hotels is the fact that wholesalers and agents would direct hotels to PBB before they begin business with them. This has been a major driver of growth in properties on Pacific BedBank where we now have over 350 in the Pacific.

Direct to Consumers – using Analytics and data collected over 16 years, our strategy includes a platform that targets consumers through their behavior online, likes & dislikes, spending power, history of travel and other specific things like the credit cards they use, cars they drive, areas they live in. All this information is collected and built into profiles for targeting through our marketing tools such as Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Triggers, Social Media and more.

Pacific BedBank’s technological solutions include:

  1. Pacific BedBank – A state of the art system that distributes room availability to travel wholesalers, inbound operators or anyone that has a contract with a hotel/tour operator. Without BedBank, a property would hope wholesalers would sell their rooms or tours based on allotments.
  2. iBookPacific – A booking engine for resort websites that integrates a responsive design, social media, retail tension and other ecommerce smarts to increase direct bookings for resorts.
  3. Pacific Channel Manager – Connects in real time with online travel agencies (OTAs) and distributes inventory and rates. Without a channel manager, hotels would not be able to connect with OTAs.
  4. BookFiji – The ONLY OTA/Online Wholesaler to sell nothing but properties, tours and packages for Fiji.
  5. Holiday Booking Engine – Our other new product is a holiday booking engine for hotels chains, airlines, regional tourism bodies and OTA’s looking to offer multiple accommodation options on their websites or through their agents.
  6. Other Technological solutions – Pacific BedBank over the years have provided some of Fiji’s tourism giants such as Rosie Holidays, Market Development Facility (MDF) and others with custom made technological solutions to help them close the loop and increase bookings to Fiji.
  7. Marketing & eCommerce Technology – Pacific BedBank also provides Marketing solutions such as Social Media marketing, Email Marketing, SEM (Google Ads), SEO & more. For eCommerce solutions, we have Abandoned Cart Solutions and Trigger emails that enhance guest services and increases satisfaction. Our Trigger tools allow resorts to interact with guests before they arrive at the properties.


Pacific Bedbank, Level 1,
HLB House,
3 Cruickshank Road,
Nadi Airport,
Fiji Islands

PO Box 10499, Nadi Airport, Fiji Islands
Phone: +679 6724244




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