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Pitcairn Islands Tourism

Pitcairn Islands Tourism Department (known as Pitcairn islands Tourism), was established in December 2010 by the Government of Pitcairn Islands on the principles of sustainable island heritage tourism.  These princples refer to the environmental, economic and social-cultural aspects of tourism development. Establishing a balance between these 3 aspects is necessary to ensuring that Pitcairn’s Tourism industry is built for long term sustainability. The Government of Pitcairn Islands is committed to making optimal use of the islands’ environmental resources whilst conserving its natural heritage, unique biodiversity and the socio-cultural authenticity of the Legendary Pitcairn Island community.

Secluded from mainstream tourism the Pitcairn Islands are a must see for adventurous travellers seeking truly remote horizons. Your visit to these legendary islands will grant you experiences few others have witnessed.

Untouched subtropical island environments, pristine waters, endemic flora, bird and marine life, an unforgettable sea voyage, incredible hospitality, lasting friendships and firsthand insight into the living history and culture of the people of Pitcairn Island – the direct descendants of Pitcairn’s first European settlers, the HMAV Bounty mutineers, and their Polynesian consorts.

Access to Pitcairn is via French Polynesia.  International travellers will arrive in Papeete, Tahiti.  You then fly to the remote island of Mangareva in French Polynesia’s south-east corner, before boarding Pitcairn’s supply ship for a 30 hour sea voyage to Pitcairn.

Accommodation on Pitcairn is available at one of the 9 home-stays or 3 self-contained cottages.

Address: Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands, PCRN 1ZZ, South Pacific

Phone: +64 9 984 0133



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