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Miss Marshall Islands – Billma Peter

Miss Marshall Islands, Billma Peter, continues to be an advocate for different groups of the community in her work to promote the Marshall Islands and local sustainability practices. She is a well-known voice for change amongst youth in the RMI and continues to utilize her platform to champion positive changes in the country.  Ms. Peter’s  promotion of local stories, handicrafts and culture has attracted much attention and support, solidifying her role as a young voice for change  for many different programmes and network in the RMI.

One such programme is Einwot Juon which is a coalition dedicated to improving the health of RMI citizens and their environment by reducing single-use plastic ware waste. The initiative seeks to increase the availability of plastic alternatives on the island and strengthening the plastic ban. Einwot Juon, means “never mind” in Marshallese and the idea is for individuals to say never mind to single-use plastic items when offered and opt for alternatives instead.

Under this initiative, OCIT’s mobile tourism team do occasional clean ups with Miss Marshall Islands and collect signatures from key leaders in support of the proposed amended legislation to expand the current Styrofoam and Plastic Bag Ban of 2016learn more here.  

Image Caption: Miss Marshall Islands, Billma Peter (Green), with team mates after an occasional clean-up

Image Credit: RMI Office of Commerce, Investment and Tourism

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