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Nanuku Resort Celebrates Fiji Ozone Week

 Sustainability champions con1nue their conserva1on efforts during the COVID-19 downturn

Even throughout a global pandemic, nothing will disrupt Nanuku Auberge Resort’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

The five-star pacific paradise who was awarded the “2019 Best Sustainable Travel/Tourism Initiative” at the Travel Daily Sustainability Summit as well as Travel Weekly’s “2019 Sustainable Tourism Company of the Year”, seized the opportunity to continue their conservation efforts while guest arrivals were low.

Throughout this year’s downturn, Nanuku have continued to assist supporting local villages by donating mangrove seedlings which have been harvested in recycled bottles in the resort’s nursery until they are primed for planting. 500 mangrove propagules have been donated to the Deuba Village to assist with erosion at the mouth of Navua River, while a further 1,000 mangrove seedlings were planted at Cula Nuku Village who now have a total of 11,750 mangrove plants on their beach, compliments of Nanuku staff and guests.

To celebrate Fiji’s Ozone Week, Nanuku donated over 1,100 mangrove seedlings to Fiji’s Ministry of Environment to support their team’s continuous investment in coastal protection; ultimately assisting with erosion-prevention and degradation of coral reefs.

Nanuku’s dedication to responsible luxury is an inherent part of the resort’s DNA. Through their ‘Planet Auberge’ program, Nanuku is committed to leading the way in initiatives focused on minimising the resort’s environmental footprint, improving the surrounding environment and villages – while simultaneously enhancing the luxury guest experience.

Nanuku is driven by a desire for future generations to experience the same Fiji as they enjoy right now; a nation steeped in tradition, time-honoured practices and the happiest place on earth!

Source: Nanuku Auberge Resorts media release September 2020)

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