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“Nattoku Vacance”: New Caledonia All Year Round

New Caledonia Tourism’s annual “Off-Peak” marketing campaign, aimed at encouraging more Japanese to holiday in New Caledonia during the 1 April to 12 July low season period, has ended on a very positive note.
To boost sales for holidays in New Caledonia from the Japanese market during their low season (April to mid-July), each year New Caledonia Tourism, in conjunction with Aircalin, organises a large promotional and awareness campaign.
From December 2016 to July 2017, the “Nattoku Vacance” campaign stimulated Japanese tourism using all forms of media communication.
In order to reach the largest possible audience, NCT invested in all media. Promotion began with a major poster campaign in the popular Tokyo shopping mall – Yurakucyo Marion – from 1 December 2016 to 31 May 2017.
The posters were extended to the Japanese railway network – West Japan Railway West (579 trains) and TOQ Vision (606 trains: Toyoko Line, Den-en-toshi Line, Oimachi Line, Meguro Line), with the destination special offers being circulated 100,200 times per day from 1 January to 5 May 2017.
The press capaign also featured in popular Japanese magazines: Oggi (monthly with a readership of 86 399), Fujin Gaho (monthly with a readership of101,633), Nikkei Women (monthly, readership 95,221), Story (monthly, readership 155,328) and many others (Marine Diving, Modern Interior, Metropolitana, Retrip, Torico Guide, Partner, Co-Trip Magazine, Madame Figaro Jaon, etc.).
On the small screen, the Japanese were able to learn about the destination through TV coverage broadcast in popular shows such as “Ikumi Hisamatsu – setting off on a journey to New Caledonia!” (BS FUJI TV – 6 episodes – audience: 40 million households), “World Summer’s Resort” (Saturday evening variety show with 6,858,000 Japanese viewers), “Tabi Salad” (Saturday morning show watched by 9,525,000 viewers), “Shinkai Wanted!” (Fuji Television) and many other programmes (“World Tour Perfect Map”, “Japanese Wives Around the World Special”, “Messenger’s Daijobu-Nanoka”, “News Zero”, “Pon! X Manatsu Akimoto”, “Marco Porori !”, “Last Kiss, Sekai Freai Machiaruki”, “Rakuen”, “Deep Sea Wanted”, “CAST x Honeymoon Traveler”).
And finally, on internet, the campaign was spread over Travelco (international on-line travel agency), Co-Trip Magazine (working with NCT to produce a travel guide edition) and social networks such as Facebook (from 23 May to 6 June reaching 4,230 internet users and in the period from 28 to 30 June, reaching 9,338 internet users) together with the Japanese App Line (the equivalent of WhatsApp in Asia). Banner ads were featured on Google, YouTube and Yahoo! with the following results: 20,229,360 views, 28 542 clicks and a click-through
rate of 0,14 % from October 2016 to June 2017.
A total of 3,852 reservations were made! For the majority of the Japanese tour operators participating in the campaign, this media promotion was impressive, due to the traffic that it generated. It appears that the high-end products, most notably stays in the Loyalty Islands, sold better than the previous year,and that the 5,000F reduction vouchers, whilst not being the primary motivation for purchase, helped to encourage hesitant buyers.
(Source: New Caledonia Tourism South Press Release 24 August 2017)

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