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New Caledonia: The Coral Sea Nature Park celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Lagoon

Sunday, July 8, the team of the Coral Sea Nature Park of the Department of Maritime Affairs (DAM) was present at Anse-Vata to celebrate the 10 years of the registration of part of the reefs and lagoons Caledonian UNESCO World Heritage. This event, organized by the Southern Province in collaboration with its partners, was held from 8 am to 5 pm.

Six Caledonian marine areas have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2008. Among them are the Entrecasteaux Atolls, part of the Coral Sea Nature Park. Located at the extreme north of Grande-Terre, well after the Belep Islands, they are composed in particular of virgin reefs, known as pristines, and isolated lagoons.

Since this inscription, the New Caledonia community has clearly displayed its desire to preserve the environmental jewels of its maritime space by creating, in 2013, the first nature reserve with the Entrecasteaux atolls. To carry out monitoring of reefs, seabirds, nesting green turtles and invasive species, the government has invested in a multi-mission vessel: the Amborella.

A year later, in 2014, the Coral Sea Nature Park is created. The momentum initiated for the protection of these marine riches is intensifying today with the setting aside of 100% of pristine reefs and lagoons isolated from the Park.

During this festive day, visitors to the eco-village, facing the aquarium of the lagoons, can stop at the stand of the Coral Sea Park. On site, they will discover its exceptional biodiversity as well as the particularity of the Entrecasteaux atolls considered as one of the most important sites for laying green turtles.

Those who participate in the discovery rally organized for the occasion will also be able to find clues that will help them answer questions.

(Source: NC Presse PNMC 6 July 2016)

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