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NTO Update – Fenuafala Island Tour

Fenuafala is an islet situated on the Western stretch off the main island Fakaofo. In July 2022, a tour around the Fenuafala islet was initiated by the Department of Economic Development, Natural Resources and Environment (EDNRE). Organised by Tourism Officer, Margaret Paul, the tour is part of the annual work plan activities and capacity building in tourist guiding.

Representatives from the EDNRE took part in the tour which coincided with the visit from the Director EDNRE, Mika Perez, who is based at its head office in Atafu, and the Manager of the Economic Development Division (which houses the tourism unit) Siale Kine, who is stationed in Nukunonu.

The team visited important historical and contemporary sites which included the Te Tolotolo o Fenuafala, Fenuafala Hospital, Tialeniu School, Fota o Aliki, Epenesa Fou Church, Tokelau Telecommunication Corporation Centre (Teletok), Fenuafala Wharf, COVID-19 Quarantine Centre, Fenuafala Power Station, Tree House and the EDNRE Food Garden.

This activity is part of the preparatory initiatives by EDNRE for the development of tourism in Tokelau recognising plans for the construction of the international airstrip in Nukunonu, as well as domestic airstrips in Fakaofo and Atafu.

More information pertaining to the sites visits can be found in the Utu Ola e-News.

The map Fenuafala island map above illustrates the sites the team had toured.

Source: Tokelau Department of EDNRE

Photo Credit: (L-R) Tokelau Department of EDNRE & Fenuafala Island Map – courtesy of Prof. Eugene Rankey (Kansas University)

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