Membership Terms & Conditions

Pacific Tourism Organisation Terms and Conditions of Private Sector Membership

These Terms and Conditions forms part of the Pacific Tourism Organisation Private Sector Membership Policy. It applies to all private sector members.

For the purposes of these terms and conditions:

SPTO means – the Pacific Tourism Organisation

Membership means –

  1. Tourism – those organisations that are directly related to tourism activities, those that are helping tourism grow in the Pacific;
  2. Other services – those organisations that need information from SPTO or find resources useful to making business or professional decisions and/or organisations that have similar goals and missions, and/or those organisations that are interested in tourism; and
  3. Accept to pay the membership fees for the specified membership category.

Marketing Division means – the Marketing Division of the Pacific Tourism Organisation.

1. Generally

The person entering into this agreement on behalf of the Member affirms to SPTO that:

1.1 Has the authority to enter into this Terms and Conditions Agreement and to perform its obligations under this agreement;
1.2 The execution of this Terms and Conditions Agreement does not violate any agreement that the Member previously entered into with another party; and
1.3 The Member must comply with the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.

2. To Become A Member

To become a member, the following documents are needed:

2.1 Application form;
2.2 Membership information form;
2.3 Invoice; and
2.4 Membership Flyer.

3. Membership Fees

SPTO reserves the right to review the fees every two (2) years. Review is carried out by the Marketing Division. Membership fees are categorized in Fijian Dollars as per the following:

3.1 Category 1 – $250;
3.2 Category 2 – $550;
3.3 Category 3 – $900;

4. Renewal of Membership

4.1SPTO will send renewal notice to Members three (3) months prior to the lapse of their membership;
4.2 Members will make payment of their membership fees within thirty (30) days; and
4.3 Failure to renew membership will result in Members not qualifying for any benefits until the membership is renewed.

5. Cancellation

To cancel membership, the member concerned must provide a one (1) month written notice to cancel membership. A member will be removed from all its benefits once its membership is cancelled. However members must note that the fee is for a period of twelve (12) months and it is nonrefundable.

6. Variation and Amendment of Terms and Conditions

Changes to membership categories and associated fees, benefits, services, policies and procedures is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

7. Termination of Membership

SPTO reserves the right to accept and terminate membership at its own discretion.