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PTI China Update: Tourism industry news clipping

Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, the trend of NCP is going down in China, but it seems going worse in overseas.

  1. Due to the uncertainty of NCP outbreak, ITB China organizer has announced to postpone ITB China 2020 to 13-15 May 2021.
  2. United State CDC announced on 14th Feb that among 14,000+ death of flu patients, some might cause by NCP. Due to the medical insurance issue, many patients do not go to hospital for diagnoses and treatment, therefore, CDC is not able to collect the precise data and track on the earliest NCP case in States. On 21st Feb, Japanese TV Channel Asahi announced the suspicion of the original source of NCP might from U.S., track it back to early Oct 2019. CDC denied to the news released by Asahi.
  3. Japan is on challenge to have NCP outbreak controlled. The latest number of diagnosed patients are 838. Many events have been canceled. South Korea has raised alert level, there are 602 cases confirmed in lasted few days. 157 diagnosed patients in Italy, football games, festivals and series events have been canceled. 50,000 citizens are asked to stay home to reduce the risk of being infected.
  4. IATA announced that NCP would bring total global lost revenue to $29.3 billion and represent a 4.7% hit to global demand.
  5. Ctrip updated its special cancellation protection policy for travel products, extending the time frame of f.o.c. cancellation policy for group tours from the end of February to the end of March.
  6. At present, visa centers of about 20 countries in China have been reopened, and visa centers of nearly 20 countries will open on February 24. (news from

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