SPTO regularly publishes a variety of reports that cover different aspects of tourism in the Pacific region. These reports are essential tools for stakeholders, offering insights into market trends, visitor demographics, economic contributions, and sector performance. Below are some of the key reports available:

  1. Annual Visitor Arrivals Report
    • Description: This comprehensive report provides detailed statistics on the number of visitors arriving in the Pacific region over the course of a year. It includes breakdowns by country of origin, purpose of visit, and other relevant demographics.
    • Usage: Useful for understanding long-term visitor trends, planning marketing strategies, and assessing the impact of tourism policies.
    • Highlights: Key insights into peak travel periods, changes in visitor demographics, and year-over-year growth rates.
  2. Quarterly Visitor Arrivals Report
    • Description: This report offers a more frequent update on visitor arrival statistics, presenting data on a quarterly basis. It helps stakeholders keep track of short-term trends and seasonal variations in tourism.
    • Usage: Ideal for timely decision-making, adjusting marketing efforts, and responding to emerging trends.
    • Highlights: Quarterly comparisons, identification of seasonal patterns, and real-time market performance analysis.
  3. Cruise Visitor Arrivals Report
    • Description: Focused specifically on the cruise tourism sector, this report analyzes the number of cruise visitors arriving in the Pacific region. It includes data on the ports visited, the duration of stays, and visitor demographics.
    • Usage: Essential for stakeholders involved in the cruise industry, providing data for port development, itinerary planning, and marketing strategies.
    • Highlights: Trends in cruise tourism, economic impact of cruise visitors, and growth opportunities within the cruise sector.

By maintaining a robust tourism statistics program, SPTO ensures that stakeholders have the information they need to foster a vibrant and sustainable tourism industry in the Pacific. These reports and the data they contain are invaluable resources for guiding the future growth and development of tourism across the region.

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