The SPTO Research and Statistics Division’s work is guided by the Pacific Tourism Statistics Strategy (PTSS), which provides strategic direction for the development and management of sustainable tourism statistics in the Pacific region.

PTSS Vision: An empowered Pacific, benefiting from sustainable tourism that is informed by regular, accessible, and high-quality tourism statistics and intelligence.

PTSS Mission: To provide the Pacific region with a high-quality and objective statistical system for measuring the sustainability of tourism, informed by quality statistics, research, and intelligence. This will be achieved through collaborative partnerships, accessible to all tourism stakeholders, and supports informed decision-making, research, and dialogue within governments, the private sector, and the community at sub-national, national, sub-regional, and regional levels.

Strategic Objectives:
  1. Develop Core Indicators: Establish a set of core sustainable tourism indicators for regular production by countries to support the PSTPF, national and regional strategic plans, and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
  2. Build Collaborations and Partnerships: Foster collaborations and partnerships between users and producers of tourism statistics, and national and regional organizations.
  3. Improve Data Management: Enhance data management processes and procedures for the production, compilation, and dissemination of statistical data.
  4. Enhance Information Quality: Improve the quality, timing, detail, and coverage of national and regional information related to tourism sustainability, including the evaluation of new sources.
  5. Evaluate and Improve Statistical Skills: Assess and enhance statistical skills and competencies.

As SPTO CEO Christopher Cocker states, the PTSS is a milestone for the Pacific region as it represents our first regional tourism statistics strategy and articulates a shared vision for the work of SPTO and its Members in supporting the development of tourism statistics and intelligence. It forms the foundation for the development of specific country-level activities that take into account the varying needs and resources of different countries. By strengthening tourism statistics and monitoring systems, SPTO and its Member Countries will be better positioned to support the monitoring and evaluation of the Pacific Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework (PSTPF), which has been developed closely with the PTSS.

Support for Pacific Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework (PSTPF): The PTSS aligns with the PSTPF’s strategic goals through its first strategic objective, focusing on building a core set of sustainable tourism indicators that support the development, implementation, and monitoring of the PSTPF. The four goals of the PSTPF are:

  1. Prosperous Economies: Tourism supports prosperous and resilient economies.
  2. Thriving and Inclusive Communities: Tourism supports the empowerment and wellbeing of our communities.
  3. Visible and Valued Cultures: Tourism amplifies and promotes our culture and heritage.
  4. Healthy Lands and Oceans: Tourism accelerates climate action, protects ecosystems, and supports resilience.