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Sustainability Champion: Afelita Island Resort (Tuvalu)

As one of the most frequently visited resorts on Funafuti, Afelita Island Resort is well known for its warm hospitality and delicious local cuisine. Owners Lita and Afelee Pita are passionate about sustainability and incorporating local produce into their menu. In addition to the resort having its own piggery, it also keeps chickens, ducks and crabs along with organic fruit and vegetable gardens. Moreover, since 2014 the resort has operated exclusively on solar power. The couple has used COVID-19 as an opportunity to develop an agroforestry initiative and are optimistic that they will reopen soon and be completely sustainable in future.

To know more about Afelita Island Resort and be updated on their initiatives and activities, you can visit their Facebook Page here.

Images: (Left) Afelee in his organic vegetable garden at the resort and (Right) Afelita Island Resort owners, Lita and Afelee Pita (Source: Tuvalu Department of Tourism)

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