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Sustainability Champion: Teti’aroa Society, French Polynesia

Teti’aroa is an atoll located in the windward side of French Polynesia, rich in natural and cultural heritage.  The Teti’aroa Society has been entrusted the responsibility of developing a plan for managing and conserving this natural wonder.  As such, efforts have been proceeding to develop the Teti’aroa Conservation and Sustainable Use Plan to guide conservation actions.  The plan encompasses Preservation, Monitoring and Restoration of resources. 

The Bird & Green Turtle Sanctuary in particular is a conservation programme aimed at upholding Teti’aroa as a sanctuary for nesting sea birds and green sea turtles. Working in collaboration with local Non-Government Organisations, the Teti’aroa Society are supporting the monitoring and protection of these important breeding populations as part of its Teti’aroa Atoll Restoration Program.

The Archaeological Mapping and Restoration initiative on the other hand has been implemented on the island to safeguard the rich historical and cultural heritage of Teti’aroa.  The atoll is recorded as the ethno historical place of residence for the Tahiti Royal Family of the 18th Century where some of its archeological remains are noted.  Archeologists also note that the Marae sites on the atoll are places of significant value where deities and ancestors are believed to have performed ancient rituals. The 20 areas on the island which have been identified as Marae sites are known to have features of Polynesian ceremonial architecture. More information on archaeological restoration on the island can be found here.

Click here for more information about the Teti’aroa Society and their initiatives on the atoll island of Teti’aroa in French Polynesia.

Photo Caption: Members of the Tetiaroa Society on Tetia’roa with former US President Barrack Obama (middle image).

Photo Credit: Tetiaroa Society

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