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Sustainability Champion – EDNRE Food Garden

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented an array of setbacks for all countries including the closure of international borders.  These have been beneficial to some extent however for Tokelau its has given its people the opportunity to spend more time tending to their food gardens.  In April 2020, the Department of Economic Development Natural Resources and Environment (EDNRE) distributed seedlings to households on the island. 

The initiative aimed at improving food security and promoting healthy eating habits across communities. Despite poor soil fertility and harsh environmental conditions, the villages on each nuku actively participated in the campaign. The community and organisations are now reaping the benefits of the programme as they no longer rely on imported vegetables.

The EDNRE’s agricultural activities support the achievement of Tokelau’s National Strategic Plan (TNSP) 2021 – 2026 Strategic Goal 6 which is “To Strengthen Environment and Climate Change Resilience” by utilizing the soil to meet the overall vision of the TNSP of “Thriving Communities with Equal Opportunities for All”. The activity further positions the country in meeting the EDNRE Strategic Plan 2022 – 2025 vision of “Environment Security is Strategic to Food and National Securities”.  EDNRE has food gardens in all nukus across the atolls.

Source: Tokelau Department of EDNRE

Photo Credit: Tokelau Department of EDNRE

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