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Tuvalu communities have their say in the development of its Sustainable Tourism Policy

As part of SPTO’s support for its Member Countries particularly Small Island States and Territories, the Inclusive Growth partnership with the United Nations Development Programme in Fiji sets out to support the development of Tuvalu’s Sustainable Tourism Policy.

The month of October saw the community consultations undertaken in all the outer islands of Tuvalu providing a platform for the people of Tuvalu to have their say in how tourism should be designed and managed. The consultations were coordinated by the consultancy team, the Department of Tourism with funding support from the Tuvalu Enhanced Integrated Framework administered by the Department of Trade. 

The SPTO Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Cocker, noted the crucial support for emerging destinations like Tuvalu in setting the foundation right and ensuring that the lessons from other bigger destinations in the Pacific and across the globe are carefully considered. Tuvalu is highly vulnerable to climatic events and considering the multitude of constraints that are synonymous of small island economies.

 “It is in the best interest of Tuvalu to ensure that the Sustainable Tourism Policy provides a clear pathway that will allow tourism to be a positive force for the country and help safeguard its natural and cultural resources for generations to come.  This is sustainability.” he said.

With the engagement of Professor Stephen Pratt and local expert Mr. Tomu Hauma, the partners are confident that the policy will explore relevant and inclusive strategies to advance the development of Tuvalu’s tourism industry into the future.  It is envisaged that the consultations will conclude with community dialogues on the island of Funafuti with the final policy to be completed by mid-December 2021.

The Tuvalu Sustainable Tourism Policy will align to Tuvalu’s national priorities highlighted in the Te Kete, the Pacific Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework and the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 amongst others.

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Photo Caption: Community members, from one of the Central Islands in Tuvalu, participate in the consultation session for the development of the Tuvalu Sustainable Tourism Policy.

Photo Credit: Tuvalu Department of Tourism

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