Organisational Structure

The structure of the Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) consists of the Council of Ministers of Tourism, Board of Directors and Management.

Council of Ministers of Tourism

The Council of Ministers of Tourism, comprising a “Minister or his authorized representative from each Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) member country”, meet annually. The Council’s main responsibilities include monitoring and reviewing SPTO policies, strategies, work programme activities and budgets, providing comments, recommendations and guidance on these matters. The Council is also tasked with “using its best endeavours to secure funding from donors for the activities of the Pacific Tourism Organisation”.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of one representative from each of the 21 member governments, and 5 members representing the private sector. The Board meets a minimum of twice a year.

Its main responsibilities include:

  • approval and monitoring of SPTO’s annual core and work plan budgets
  • approval and monitoring of operating policies and strategies
  • supervision of the implementation of SPTO’s work programmes
  • reviewing and monitoring operating rules, procedures and regulations in the
  • financial and administrative matters of SPTO
  • advising on other matters as may be required by Management.

Chief Executive Officer

A Chief Executive, appointed by the Board, carries out the day-to-day administrative functions of SPTO and is supported by a number of professional and administrative staff as well as technical advisors.

Divisional Structure

The SPTO has five (5) divisions within its organisational structure: