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Wild Adrenaline-Rush Kila Adventure

If you are looking for a wild adventure, then Kila Eco Adventure Park (KEAP) is for you.
Located off Namosi Road, approximately 22km from Suva (travelling on Queens Road) this wild and fun park is appropriate for all ages and is a major tourist attraction.
The park sits on 120 acres of freehold land makes for a memorable, exciting “wild” eco-park is a heart-pumping, adrenaline-rush attraction.
KEAP is open seven days a week with half day and full day tours available.
With an intensely long zipline and giant swing, KEAP provides a unique experience as well as fantastic fun for all ages.
Before visitors start their activity, there are safety brieffings given to make Kila ex­perience fun, safe and action packed.
Kila Park also offers wildlife and beauti­ful scenery with freshwater pool, waterfalls and traditional built Bures.
Pleass Global Ltd marketing director Cate Pleass said: “We have many different groups of guests that are organisations for team building and team upskilling.
“Conference groups seeking to enhance communication and planning in their teams, services – the military, National Fire Author­ity, Police and other services attend for core strength training and team training.
“Sporting teams for pre-event training and cores strength training – Fiji Sevens, Fiji Hockey, Singapore Netball.
“We have tourists coming from all over the world, our highly valued Fiji local tour­ists, our tourists from hotels and of course many tourists from the booming cruise ship trade.”
Can you tell us a bit about the feedback of successful team building stories?
Many organisations inform us that after their sessions, Kila provides their staff with the opportunity to see their colleagues in a challenging environment and new respect for each other.
This is gained through observing their colleagues outside the workplace in a at­mosphere of combined effort and at times demanding physical activity.
Often we see new leaders emerge in the training environment and in cases where there has been some discord in the team theses issues disappear in an environ­ment where the team members have to rely
International School Nadi students listen to Kila World supervisor Ben Naisau. Photo:Vilimoni Vaganalau
heavily on each other to complete physical tasks.
We had an organisation recently visit and one of the team stated “Monday will be a different day in the office” this was very pleasing to hear.
Kila Eco Adventure Park team skill building is designed to teach teams to learn through chal­lenging activity and it works.
What are some of your future plans for the park?
Pleass Global has extensive plans for develop­ment of an Eco Visitor Centre to be constructed providing a theatre, learning environments and enhancement of current facilities.
There are also plans to further develop our very popular commando course which is used extensively. We are currently building a sports field so that teams visiting can participate in competitive sport at the park.
We shall also be extending our elements in the high and low rope challenges areas.
How many activities are available KEAP?
With over 28 amazing activities such as:
Many organisations inform us that after their sessions, Kila provides their staff with the opportunity to see their colleagues in a challenging environment, says Cate Pleass
Commando Course, High Rope course, low rope course, leap of faith, flying Fijian, killer giant swing, thriller zipline, sprawling over acres of greenery.
(Full Day: 10am-4.30pm) at $126.50 per person
Low Ropes/high ropes elements x 6/Giant swing/Zip Line/Leap of faith/Commando Course – high in the sky elements testing courage, core strength and providing an exhilarating challenge for those of all fitness levels. The high ropes elements pro­vide the opportunity for individuals or teams to challenge their capabilities, overcome fears and enjoy the exhilaration of completing the course. All high ropes activities are in controlled circum­stances with safety harnesses and safety ropes securing the guests.
(Half Day – 2.5 hours) at $83.60 per person
Low ropes course/Giant swing, Zip line- designed for team building and team development- sus­pended rope elements close to the ground that challenge planning and co-ordination skills in ad­dition to enhancing team communication. Learning through activity; teams have the opportunity to un­derstand team dynamics, appreciate each other’s strengths and gain an understanding of the impor­tance of skilful teamwork.
Commando Course/Zip Line or Giant Swing (2.5 hours) at $78.10 per person
A military style course for the brave- a mud crawl under wires, climb a 12 ft high wall, swing on ropes across waterways, board walk, rope netting climb, kings finger, rope bridge and hurdle over barriers. This course challenges strength, plan­ning and communication, it is a lot of fun but also challenges the whole team to perform.
Adventure Park is open seven days a week from 10.00am to 4:30pm.
(Source: Fiji Sun Online WEEKEND 17 July 2017)

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