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Fiji Airports: World Class Landing System Modernisation

Fiji Airports Limited yesterday successfully commissioned the new Instrument Landing System (ILS)/Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) at the Nadi International Airport.

Fiji became the first country outside of Europe to make the transition from a operating ILS to a new ILS/DME with zero downtime.

Fiji Airports executive chairman Faiz Khan said: “This is a remarkable achievement for Nadi Airport to be recognised for this modernisation phase of our Air Navigation Systems.”

“The installation of this replacement ILS/DME system, which operates on a dual frequency, will not only provide the precision approach but at the same time allows the pilot to compute the aircraft distance from the runway threshold at any given time. This further enhances the pilot’s decision making at this critical phase of the flight.”

“We have a lot of expansion to do on the air side. We have a significant amount of improvement to do and for gates, runaway pavements assets,” he said.

The new ILS/DME system was operational from mid-day yesterday and symbolically Fiji Airways flight from Sydney to Nadi arriving at 12.05pm was the first international aircraft to use this new system.

Fiji Airways managing Director and chief executive officer Andre Viljoen said: “Fiji Airports has delivered this project with zero downtime in terms of switch-over from the current ILS to the new ILS/DME.”

“This is a huge advantage. More safety, more efficiency, and huge improvement for pilots coming into Nadi. This keeps on making us world class. We have the same challenges and our strategic objective of Fiji Airways is to keep on growing and bringing more tourism to the country. Tourism represents a significant portion of the Gross Domestic Product and we have to keep growing.

Indra Australia Pty Ltd carried out the project worth close to $6 million.

The ILS provides precision lateral (localiser) and vertical (glide path) guidance to an aircraft approaching and landing onto the main runway at the Nadi International Airport.

It replace the existing ground marker beacons that are placed at four nautical miles and 1/2 nautical mile from the runway threshold at any given time.

Another key advantage is using a dual frequency ILS is that is not susceptible to outside interference, and therefore secure.

Meanwhile, Mr Khan added the installation of the ILS/DME at Nausori Airport will be completed after the runway is extended by 2020.

[Source: Fiji Sun – Online]

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