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Likurai Festival Invites Tourists In East Timor

East Nusa Tenggara Provincial Government continues to boost the flow of foreign tourists (tourists) from neighboring East Timor by presenting an annual event of Likurai Festival in Belu District. “Likurai Festival has become part of the national event which will be held on an annual basis.

This event is an effort of the government to boost the flow of tourists from Timor Leste, “said Head of East Nusa Tenggara Tourism Office Marius Ardu Jelamu in Kupang, Saturday (17/3), quoted by Antara. He mentioned NTT has four tourism activities that have been included in the calendar of the top 100 national events, including the Likurai Festival on Timor Island, a parade of thousands of sandalwood horses and ikat festivals on the island of Sumba, as well as the Festival of Komodo and Tour de Flores on the island of Flores.

The Likurai Festival itself, Marius said, will be held annually at Bukit Fulan Fehan, Belu District which is directly border with Timor Leste. “Around next June will be held again this Likurai Festival,” he said.

The festival, he said, featured thousands of Likurai dancers from West Timor (a name for areas on the western part of Timor Island bordering East Timor) as well as from neighboring countries. “Not only presents the people from these two regions, but also tourists from various countries who enter through Timor Leste,” he said.

According to Marius, the flow of tourists from East Timor has the potential to continue to increase as the country also has international direct flight services, such as Dili and Darwin Australia, as well as Dili and Singapore. Vice versa. In addition, there are also airline services Timor Air has also opened a direct flight route Kupang-Dili and vice versa. ”

This means that aviation access is getting more open so it strongly supports the movement of foreign tourists entering NTT through the eastern entrance of East Timor to continue to increase, “he said.

A number of cross-border post (PLBN), he said, built with magnificent, such as PLBN Motaain Belu District, PLBN Wini North Central Timor District, and PLBN Motamasin Malaka district, allowing the flow of tourists to move more smoothly.

“Moreover, PLBN location with a very grand building is also a special attraction as a new tourist attraction in the border region between countries,” he said.

Marius added that he has coordinated with immigration authorities and a number of agencies, security apparatuses, and a number of relevant agencies at PLNN to ensure the flow of tourists from neighboring countries can enter easily in accordance with existing security standards.

He pointed out that the activity of border crossers has shown an increase from the previous average of 100 people per day continues to rise and reach 250 people per day. “I am confident that with the opening of aviation services and infrastructure development at this border will ease the flow of foreign tourists into NTT, let alone be supported by the visa-free policy of the Indonesian government,” said Marius Jelamu.


(Source: 12 April 2018)

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