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South Sea Cruises Recommences Services!

South Sea Cruises staff and management are extremely excited that Fiji’s borders will be reopening to international travellers on the 1st December 2021. As a result of this announcement, we are now able to provide you with the full details about our recommencement of services and operations.

With only a limited number of Mamanuca resorts reopening initially, South Sea Cruises will be recommencing our initial operations with a limited vessel schedule. Both the number of services and days of operation will gradually increase in line with more resorts opening. These services will all be subject to review and should we see the need to amend and/or increase vessel services we will release revised schedules accordingly.

South Sea Cruises Resort Connections

Mamanuca Islands
Restarting 01 December 2021 with the following schedules

• 01 Dec – 16 Jan 2022 – two routes operating daily – click here
• 17 Jan – 28 Feb 2022 – two routes operating 4 times a week – click here
• 01 – 31 Mar 2022 – three routes, operating 4 times a week – click here
• 01 Apr – 30 Jun 2022 – increased number of routes on a daily basis – click here
• 01 Jul 2022 onwards – full number of routes operating on a daily basis – click here

Yasawa Islands
Restarting 01 April 2022:

• 01 Apr 2022 onwards – operating 4 times a week – click here

South Sea Cruises Day Cruises (including Malamala Beach Club)

Please click here to download a full schedule of our days of operation for all trips.

• South Sea Island Full & Half Day – reopening 01 Dec 2021 on select days

• South Sea Sailing – starting operations 06 Dec 2021 on select days
• Malamala Beach Club – reopening 01 Apr 2022 – Daily
• Other South Sea Cruises products – most will be recommencing from 01 Apr 2022 unless otherwise stated

Coach Connections
We will be providing coach connections for all products that normally include this option. The pickup and drop off times will be modified to suit our new vessel schedules – please refer to our website for updated timetables (click here).
As timings may change, we would strongly suggest that all passengers reconfirm their coach connections at least 24 hours prior to the booked service date to ensure that they do not miss the pickup. Missed coach connections will necessitate customers to make their own arrangements (at their own cost) to join our Day Cruises and/or Resort Connections.

We realise these are a lot of changes from that of our pre-COVID schedules however we are recommencing our operations around the resort reopening dates and anticipated occupancies and hence best trying to accommodate with the required amount of services.

Should you have any questions or don’t seem to have received your rates, please do feel free to contact the sales team (details below).

We look forward to seeing you and your customers in Fiji again soon!

Vinaka from,
The South Sea Cruises team!

Alyssa Field
General Manager Global Sales
Ph: +6421918240
Ruzanne Keresoma
Global Sales Coordinator
Ph: +64295201440
Loretta St Julian-Ooms
General Manager Fiji & Asia Sales
Ph: +679 9997505

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