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Tourist attendance: a month of January 2018 in half-tone

In January 2018, the tourist destination of the French Polynesia destination decreased by 3.8% compared to January 2017 with 11,457 registered tourists, reports the Institute of Statistics (ISPf).

The number of guests in floating accommodation increased by 16.1% thanks to additional arrivals of tourists from North America and Europe, particularly from Germany. Increases in attendance in these two zones contribute respectively 10 and 5 points to the growth of floating tourism. The increase in floating stock contributes 3.6 points to the monthly evolution.

On the other hand, the number of tourists accomodated in ground accommodation decreased by 8.5%, or – 800 tourists compared to January 2017. This decrease is explained by a decrease in land use on the ground of 11%, which contributes to – 7 , 9 points to the evolution of attendance over a year. The non-market land forces represent 10.6% of the month’s workforce and increase by 11%, mainly due to the growth of New Caledonian tourists.

On the other hand, good news: the number of tourist nights increased by 4% in January 2018 compared to January 2017 despite the decline in tourist numbers. This increase is explained by an increase in the average length of stay (14.7 days), regardless of the type of tourism. The combined increase in the average length of stay of tourists accommodated in land-based market structures (+ 0.8 days to 11.5 days) limits the decline in the number of commercial overnight stays (-2.5%).

The increase in the length of stay in non-market accommodation (+ 1.7 days to 37.1 days) and staffing explains the increase in global overnight stays (+ 1.8%). This increase in the number of nights spent on the land contributes 1.5 points to the overall change in tourist nights.

(Source: ISPF)

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