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China-Vanuatu Underwater Postcard To Boost Tourism

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and the People’s Republic of China Ambassador, Liu Quan, unveiled the Underwater Postcard board at Hideaway Island last Saturday, an initiative anticipated to attract more Chinese tourists into Vanuatu.

The event does not only mark35 years of Diplomatic Relations between China and Vanuatu but reflects a major boost into the tourism sector and could have a spin-off effect on the country’s economy.

The people living in Vanuatu can now send cards to the people of China through this underwater post office postcard.

Ambassador Liu Quan said, “We think this is a good promotion for Vanuatu Post and the Country.”

He said the underwater post office managed by the Vanuatu Post is unique around the world and having this connection with the China Post is the first time China is involving in underwater postcard.

“We don’t have it in China,” Mr Liu said.

A representative of the China Post who attended the event, Mr. Ma Sa told the Daily Post that more than 30 million Chinese are post lovers.

He said this is an initiative that could help more Chinese people to learn and know about Vanuatu.

When asked why the China Post chose to work with the Vanuatu Post his reply was, “because the underwater Post is unique”.

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai applauded the continuous support Vanuatu has from China.

“My government appreciates the continuous support of the People’s Republic of China in its ongoing support for various tourism related activities like this one we attended today.”

He said the underwater post is a unique image that can be attached to Vanuatu because it is the first and possibly the Worlds’ only successful underwater Post office.

The PM said there is potential for growth in the number of visitors from China into Vanuatu who are looking for wonderful experience of the nation’s clear tropical water and marine life.

Mr. Liu said Hideaway Island is the best spot because it has the finest scenery and the people of Vanuatu are very warmly.

The Prime Minister signed the first postcard on Saturday after the unveiling and was later presented a special gift from the delegation of China Post.

The underwater post at Hideaway Island is less than 2 metres under water when there is high tide and is less than 1 meter deep when there is low tide. The Post cards are all waterproof.




(Source: Vanuatu Daily Post 12 December 2017)

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