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Sightseeing the Small Islets in Tuvalu

In Funafuti atoll which is the capital of Tuvalu. There are lot of islet where people can go for sightseeing and also for picnic. Most of the families during Christmas and New Year holidays, they went to one small islet for picnic. They bring all their family members and their food with them and go to these small islet for a little hide away and a small break. They will spend the weekend there, and they will come back to the main island when the weekend finished.

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“Fatele” Traditional Dancing in Tuvalu

The fatele is a traditional dance song of Tuvalu. Dancing songs are the most common type of traditional Tuvaluan song, with other tradition dance styles including fakanau and fakaseasea. The fatele, is performed at community events and to celebrate leaders and other prominent individuals, who came and visit Tuvalu. In any Tuvalu feasting or occasion, gatherings, weddings, birthday party and so forth it’s always end or to be closed the program with the fatele.

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Fishing in Tuvalu

Our old generation depends highly on fishing as a way of supporting their families in the olden days. They used to go out fishing twice a day, early morning and in the evening or during night time. When they return from fishing, they prepared their fish and bring to the market for selling, or they have to sit beside the road so people can see and come to buy their fish. Some families will share their fish with their neighbors, it is a common way in Tuvalu where you have to share some things you get with your sisters and brothers who lives near your home. As in nowadays, less families will have their own boat or canoe which they can out fishing, many of the families will buy fish from other families or from the market.

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Go to Church every Sunday in Tuvalu

Christianity fills much of life on Tuvalu, so don’t be shocked if your guesthouse host invites you to a Sunday church service (which will be in Tuvaluan or English, but not both) and offers to take you there on the back of his/her motorbike, then to a traditional family lunch called a “tonai”, where you’ll have a chance to sample typical Tuvaluan fare such as fresh fish, “coconut apple” (sweet, germinating coconut) and breadfruit loaf. Just remember to wait for someone to say grace before you start eating.

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Playing at the Airstrip in the Evening in Tuvalu

Every evening you can see people playing at the airstrip. When they finish work, people turn to go back home, quick start doing their evening chores and then they started to go play at the airstrip especially the men. As what I see now, men are playing in their own islands and some small club start from Nanumea to Nukulaelae, they played and do their trainings together. You can also see some women bring their children to play at the airstrip and have an evening walk just to do a little exercise.

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